Beginners Guide to Digital Arts

Wondering how to become a digital artist?

Some basics you should know

What is digital art?

In digital art we paint directly onto a computer instead of canvas or paper. This has many advantages

1. You only need a computer and a little space.

2. You will get a lot of tools to explore with.

3. You can work with layers and a lot faster.

But you still need a lot of practice and should know some traditional techniques to start with

You just need two tools before starting with digital painting — a tablet and a painting software.

Now naturally the question arises, how will I choose the right tablet?

Drawing tablets are of three types :

  • Basic graphic tablet
  • Display tablet
  • All in one tablet

I. Basic graphic tablet :

These are the economic models and most of the artists start practice with this.

They usually have two components: a pad and a stylus. Stylus is a digital pen with which we can draw on the pad.

You can buy them here. They are priced around 5K INR.

  1. WaCom one
  2. Wacom Intuos 
  3. Huion H1060P


  • This is a good option to start practice with and is the cheapest option.


  • The major disadvantage with this model is they do not have a screen ; you need a laptop or desktop to plug them into. Usually with a USB cable.
  • You need to get used to drawing on the pad by looking at the screen.
  • Difficult to carry

II. Display tablet :

In this type they have a built-in monitor so you can draw directly onto the screen.

More expensive than the basic model. They start from around 30K INR

You can get them here

  2. Wacom Intuos Pro
  3. Wacom Cintiq


  • Easy to carry.
  • Drawing on screen will feel more natural.


  • The screen will get pixelated with use If not of good quality.
  • These also need a laptop or computer.

III. All in one tablet:

These are the expensive ones. These include popular tablets like the IpadPro or Microsoft Surface pro.

You can get them here. They start from around 80K INR.

  1. Apple ipad Pro
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro


  • The big advantage is that you won’t need an extra laptop or computer to plug your tablet.
  • Easy to carry and can take with you wherever you go. This will act like both a tablet and a computer.
  • There are a lot of programs available for digital painting like adobe photoshop, krita, procreate etc.


  • These are expensive and very limited options are available.

In the end, the tools will not make you an artist, Your artwork will. You can create beautiful works with any of these tools and pair it with any of the software.

Other than all this, you need a lot of enthusiasm to become an artist. You can get in touch with us for expert mentors here

So pick your tool and start drawing.

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