5 Basic Tools you need for hand embroidery

Let us discuss about the basic materials you should purchase if you are a beginner in embroidery. The best thing about embroidery is you don’t need much art background to start stitching. So here are few affordable tools which can help you achieve your goal.

1. Embroidery  hoop

It’s a ring consisting of two parts. Layer the fabric tightly in the inner ring and place the outer ring around the inner ring and tighten the screw. And the hoop is available in varying dimensions ranging from a couple of inches to over a foot in diameter. Most of the hoops available are made of wood or plastic. Fancy hoops are also available in the market, which we can use for decorative purposes. Buy here


2. Fabric

The fabric acts as the foundation of your project. The right kind of fabric can enhance your entire project. As a beginner you can start with any cotton or linen cloth because they are easy to work with. And casement fabric for embroidery is also available in stores and online sites. Also ironing the fabric before use is extremely important.

3. Needle

Crewel needle, tapestry needle and milliner needle is three basic type needle for embroidery. But using the right one will make your job easier and will make the result better. You can get a set of needles which has different sizes so you can explore with each and find your favourite.
Crewel needle is the basic one used for hand embroidery. And it has sharp tip and long medium eye slightly larger than the shaft of the needle.

rom L to R: Crewel needle, Tapestry needle, milliner needle

4. Thread

The most common thread used for embroidery is stranded cotton thread also known as embroidery floss in US. And Cotton thread comes in skeins which has 6 strands of thread.

DMC and Anchor are few premium quality threads used for embroidery. Doli, Rangoli etc are some affordable brands available in India which you can start with. And each brand has hundreds of different colors.

5. Scissors

You can use any of the scissors to cut the thread. But you will find it easier to cut with an embroidery scissor. Additionally It is different from regular craft scissors; they have sharper and thinner blades to ensure that your thread doesn’t fray.

You also need a pen and a yellow carbon paper to trace the design onto your fabric. So you can print any design and trace to your fabric or you can draw directly to the fabric.

With these 5 materials you can start your embroidery.

Beyond the 5 basic tools for embroidery

Water soluble pens: They are another option to transfer your design to the fabric. And you can remove the ink from the fabric my washing it or by just dabbing with a wet cloth.

Floss bobbins: Most popular way to organize your thread. So wind your remaining thread to a floss bobbin.

Magnetic needle minder: You can keep your needle safe on top of a needle minder while embroidering or after your work. And the needle will stick to it.

You can also keep and organizer to keep all your materials safe and organized.

So start exploring and enjoy embroidery. Hence Join our Art classes NOW.

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