Various Art Event and Workshops Organised by AVES

Summer Art Workshops 

During the month of April and May, becomes the happiest moments for the children as they get a long break from the daily hectic life of school and school work. Summer time is the quality time for them and they get a chance to learn new things and enhance their skill and develop their creativity. So this time we decided to conduct our first  workshops for the students and we mainly focused on 7 schools in Kollam. Workshops were conducted by two young professional artists, Miss. Sruthi SivaKumar and Mr. Shiyas Khan who have been  completed their Masters in Fine Arts MFA, and have worked for various organisations and participated in various social art programs including Kochi Muziris Biennale. They have included different art topics like painting, clay modelling, craft making, canvas painting, shading, pencil sketch and puppet making.Almost 60 students actively participated in the workshop. The whole workshops were completely funded by AVES School of Arts, were the students were provided with all the materials required for the workshop. The output of the workshops was collected and was placed in an exhibition conducted during the month of July as a part of the conclusion for the 2-month long art workshop.

Mittayi Theruvu

It is an annual art camp regularly organised for kids during the summer vacation on March and April. It is collaboratively conducted  by 8-point Art Cafe which is held in the heart of Kollam. AVES collaborated and volunteered with them for Mittayi theruvu 2017. Around 50 students participated in this event. And 20 of them from where AVES itself. Students were given workshops on Personal Mentoring .There were different mentors for each specialisation like Mrs. Neeraja Sasidharan, Origami conducted by Mr. Suvarnan Paravoor, Craft and Toy making by Mr. Subid Ahimsa, Puppet making by Mrs. Sara and Mr. Ratheesh.


This is conducted besides the official launching ceremony for ColorPencil . Colorpencil is a career portfolio which is designed for students to learn and share their creative and technical  skills in a safe  environment controlled by a teacher. It is a student digital portfolio service, so part of AVES we conducted a craft workshop for kids at CSI Convention Hall near near Craven School. Almost all the majority of schools in kollam were invited.The workshop was inaugurated by Hima Fernandez child Psychologist. The class was  focused on making crafts from natural coconut leaves, called Kuruthola. The class was taken by Mr. Santhosh Veliyam, District Treasurer of Kerala Child Welfare Association. Over 90 students participated in the workshop.

Art Exhibition

It was a grand exhibition exclusively done by children to give them an opportunity to explore their creativity. The best pictures were put up on the exhibitions which has been already collected from different schools students. It was conducted on june 18 at CSI hall near Craven School. The inauguration ceremony was done by Dr. Hima Fernandez the child psychologist with a speech to the children and parents to give an awareness on importance of art. AVES conducted this exhibition on behalf of the students to give an exposure to the student’s talents and encourage them to do more creative stuffs in their future.

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