Temple of Learning Palakkad Kerala

A study by the Education-Research team of AVES
Gratitude for all those who have helped and aided us in the journey.
It was a fine one.
We are humbly sharing what we have learned from the greatness of more humble people.

searching for what they want

Temple of learning is an alternate schooling system initiated by 10 educated working class families from Palakkad district, Kerala.
One of the main reasons behind the movement was the lack of quality and creativity in the then existing school system, which was based on a competitive evaluation of kids through a ranking/grade system. Some kids excelled well in remembering information and analyzing numbers while others were not good at those because of being better at something else. They were being discriminated from a very young age while they were still growing up, putting thoughts of being noncompetitive in their mind.

kids reflecting their creative sides on papers and colors

Learning modules

It should be focused more on the kids learning methods rather than on what they were being taught, this was the idea behind this initiative. So the purpose of the school was to provide a space where children could share love and information with each other. They just needed necessary and potential resources which would help them learn and build what they loved to do. Their was a zero chance of failure for a kid, as he was being fully supported on his gifted abilities.

Every kid is different and each being a scholar of different abilities and senses. The school was about mutual sharing of knowledge between students themselves and the teachers. Teachers being just another aid for the children in their learning process.

simplicity is depth

Corruptness is another unavoidable trait of our generation’s system. Kids authentically look up to their teachers, trusting them completely and deeply believing in their words and actions. So the chance of them growing to learn our corrupt methods and values, as happened every time was being overlooked in this system. Interactions with children were planned and executed very carefully and sensitively. Teachers were first made aware that the kids had far more capability and senses than them, and to learn more from them. This approach was very different compared to the existing education systems then.

the space for learning

The curriculum in schools had a very monotonous approach of learning subjects. They never taught them the applications or real life implications of what they are learning. So there was a planned approach where the kids come up with genuine inquiries themselves about what they are onto. Moreover all the knowledge was not necessary for learning, while an open mind and enthusiasm was sufficient. This grass root approach was well furnished in this school.

his younger kid

Learning what is important and what is not, as unlearning is one of the most difficult things for a human being to do. Unschooling approach rather focuses on the same as growing up is the most sensitive stages of ones life. And this approach had produced many of the finest talents in the world in many fields including education, arts, sports, and many more…

vinod with children

All the credit and applauds goes to Mr. Vinod Krishnan, who was the main pillar behind the movement.He is researching on schooling and education for the past twenty years. The vast amount of knowledge he shares is reflected in his humble lifestyle. Currently he is working with both his kids on aiding their learning and growth through unschooling, one of the few in India itself. We wish him and his family the very best. May all the abundance be with you guys and your efforts heal reach everyone.

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