Introduce Mayavi Characters from Balarama for to Children

Balarama is a popular children’s magazine in the Malayalam language, published in India. The magazine features various characters that have become beloved among Malayalam-speaking children. Here are some prominent characters from the Balarama magazine:

Mayavi: Mayavi is a mischievous and playful magician who possesses supernatural powers. He often gets into humorous situations and uses his magic to help others.

Luttappi: Luttappi is a lovable, green-colored ghost who is a close friend of Mayavi. He has a unique way of speaking and is known for his innocence and childlike behavior.

Dakini: Dakini is a female demon character who is often portrayed as a mischievous and cunning antagonist. She tries to harm Mayavi and Luttappi but is always outsmarted by their wit and magical abilities.

Kuttusan: Kuttusan is a clever and witty jackal who is a recurring character in the Balarama magazine. He often comes up with ingenious plans and strategies to solve problems.

These are just a few of the well-known characters from the Balarama magazine. The magazine also introduces new characters from time to time to entertain and engage young readers.

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