Clay Modelling Workshop by AVES

AVES has been organising various workshops targeting various age groups from children to adults. The basic aim of these workshops is to expose them to traditional and contemporary art forms. And various local and national artists handled these workshops covering a variety of topics and mediums.

Recently AVES in association with The Hidden Tales organised an art exhibition. And along with it conducted a workshop session on clay modelling. This session was organised for the age group 3 and above. Sculpture artist Rejani Senthil from Kayamkulam hosted the workshop.

The children had a great time experiencing the medium of clay. And it was indeed a new experience for most of the participants. Each child by the end of the session came up with their own clay models and takeaways. Below are a small glance into the session.

Thank you everyone who worked with us in making this session a remarkable success. If you have any similar workshops or ideas we request you to reach out to us on whatsapp +91-7907713977. Then we could look at the possibilities of hosting various events similar to this.

This workshop opened up an array of similar workshops that were successfully organised by AVES. This marked the beginning of something great. With this began the brain storming over the requirement of more creative workshops for the children.

Hence the team came up with imagiobox, a smart activity kit designed by engineers and artists to in-still creativity among the youth. The smart application integration helps in monitoring the progress of the child. And also it assisted in generating career portfolio for their future.

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