AVES School of Arts Origins

AVES (Artistic Vision Enlightening Society) is a social startup incorporated as AVES School of Arts Pvt. Ltd. in May 2017 by a bunch of young enthusiastic school friends with a mission to re-imagine the current educational system in a way to make space for the creative needs of a future generation. We believe that this process has to be deeply rooted and involve various stages of social involvement and active participation from different segments of the society.

Art education and its role in the development of childhood has been a matter of careful examination in the last decade. And it has resulted in many of the current educational experts suggesting a radical change towards our focus on art and art education. Including all levels of our educational system from primary to graduate and postgraduate levels. We have identified this as a crucial area of concern in our current Indian educational scenario. And thus works passionately in advocating and promoting the need for urgent inclusion of art education to our mainstream curriculum.

Our Focus

One of the main areas of work that AVES focus is on the development and accessibility of quality art education facilities and resources for K-12 children. These resources are developed with the assistance of both young and experienced artists and art educators from both the local community and beyond. AVES organised many workshops, interactive sessions, exhibitions, seminars, after school programs successfully individually and in collaboration with various other organisations.

With this vision in hand, AVES organises sessions by experts on Fine Arts and Performing Arts (namely drawing, painting, dancing, music etc). As workshops and exhibitions related to arts improve the skill and creativity of students we give a special emphasis to the same. We provide good mentors and artists for the students to grab the art skill very efficiently. Our technical application ColorPencil bridges the gap between Arts and Science.


ColorPencil is the digital portfolio for both students and artists. Expert designed weekly activities are given to students for every weekend. Every week students can then upload their completed works, videos and write ups. They get reflected in their portfolio after approval from their mentor artists. Parents can take annual subscriptions for the app membership. Global students and artists can see students’ works.

Since 2017 the team has grown nationwide with branches in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kerala. An artists and art enthusiasts community has evolved sharing a common vision of a colorful future. The journey has been rough at times and the ship has now opened its mast and is entering the vast ocean. We ensure proper time and care is given to everyone as “Painting wings to little dreams takes time and love”.

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