10 must have art materials for beginners

1. Acrylic colours with 18 shades –  You can choose a pack of 20ml each, that will do the job. You can buy it here.

2. Water Colour Cakes and Tubes – So both Cake and Tube are required for beginners. You can get 24 shades pack -5ml each here

3. Poster Colours – If you dont want transparency in your colours you can choose this one too here

4. Oil Pastels – You can get a 25 shade pack, but for professionals there are also 50 shade packs available here

5. Brushes – Instead of buying individual brushes as a beginner it is better to go for brush sets. So you can experiment them yourself and get to know which one suits you best

6. Pencils – They are of three categories-   

i. Drawing pencils – You can use HB onwards to 10B    

ii. Water colour pencils – they can be used as dry-blend or as water colour and,

iii. Charcoal Pencils – They will come in handy for your works

7. Canvas Boards –    They come in different sizes. As a beginner you just need three of them mainly,

Sizes –20×25 cm   ; 25×30 cm   and  30x40cm

8. Palette – As a beginner you can manage with smaller pallettes, both rectangular and oval will do the job

9. Drawing pens – Drawing pens are must have for any artist, Especially for doodle lovers. And fine tipped pens with different thickness are available.

10. Crayons– Last but not the least are crayons, they are also a must have for your artworks. So grab them and start creating.

As a parting advice always have a journal with you as what matters is not having all these hifi stuffs rather YOUR CREATIVITY is the highlight.

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