10 Essential life skills for your children in the modern world

1. Get along and socialize

It is alright to teach your kids to be cautious of strangers but teach them to get around pretty well with kids of their age. The best way to teach your kid anything is to set an example, you are where it all starts for your little boy or girl.

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Encourage them to break the ice .We can see many kids grow up to become introverts this has to be avoided. To get along with others is one of the must-have skills that one must have in this world. And their communication skill also develops. Also encourage them to help others.

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2. Code to learn, learn to code

Coding and programming have become a must have skill in today’s digital world. The scope of coding and programming is so diverse and it won’t be wrong to say that they are used nearly in all fields. Ease your kid into coding. There are nearly tons and tons of resources available online to teach coding effectively. Coding and programming encourages your kids to think, come up with their own solutions to problems and become creative in every aspect.

3. Home chores

Let your kids learn home chores. Give them small works like going to shop or take them with you .Let them help you with cleaning, laundry, let them accompany you in basic cooking. Being involved   in   chores   also   gives children experience of relationship skills like communicating clearly, negotiating, cooperating and working as a team. And sharing housework can also help your family work better and reduce family stress. When children help you out, chores get done sooner, and you have less to do. This frees up time for your family to do other fun things together.

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4. Financial planning

Explain what money is and how it is used. Actually, showing them how money works is more effective. So let them see you making purchases with cash. The Habit of saving money  is itself in an education. Buy a piggy bank for your kid and when you pay your monthly bills, you can show your kids how much it costs to run a household. You can even work together to find ways to reduce your electricity and heating bills, and turn it into a fun game for the whole family to participate in. Encourage them to play games like monopoly this will give them a basic idea about businesses. All these have adverse effects on their financial skills when they later grow up to become adults.

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5. Banking

Conversations about money mostly happen when kids become teenagers. We think that finances are a complicated topic to explain to younger kids but it is actually better to start early. Learning basic- banking skills at an early age can help your child an idea on how the financial system works. Teach your kids about online banking and other banking services of course in a way they can comprehend you simply can’t give them a bunch of .Take your kids with you whenever you go to a bank.

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6. Time management

Time isn’t a main thing it is the only thing that matters. Time management is the most crucial skill one must learn very early in their lives. Teach your kids time management before their teens.Give them little tasks and ask them to complete it within a given time. Well, you can do this by getting your kid to claim responsibility for their own time. Do this by getting them an alarm clock that they can use to wake up on time for school, instead of you waking them up.

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7. Self – control

“Self-control is strength. Calmness is mastery”. Self- control isn’t something we’re born with – it’s something we hone as we grow. Children especially struggle with control, but there are ways in which you can guide them to the right behavior in their childhood. Play self-control games. Games like “freeze”, “sleeping lions”, drumming/rhythm games or “red light, green light” require a child to follow instructions or patterns, listen, be controlled, and make changes. Also make children accustomed to the word ‘No’ this helps them handle denials in the later stages of life.

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8. Reading

Encourage your child to get into the habit of reading books. Start with simple story books read with them .Bedtime stories and other books with colorful depictions in them are a good start. Reading books has a lot of advantages – improves vocabulary, concentration, gives an ‘out of the world’ experience. Rather than spending time in their phones buy a book for your kid encourage them to read it. Give them rewards when they complete a book soon they will inculcate the habit of reading and grow up to become geniuses.

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9. Basic self-defense and fitness

I’m sure you’ll agree that in today’s world especially, safety is of utmost importance, and developing self-defence not only makes the child feel more   independent, but also more confident. Basic self- defence is a must — be it for your son or daughter. Also encourage your kids to play outside and do fun exercises at home. Explain to them about the importance of physical fitness. You many say to them to work out to have a physique like their favorite superheroes

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10. Responsibility

Most of us would love our children to do what we ask, to follow directions and to not question authority. However, this is not responsibility!! These behaviors would be classified as obedience. Instruct your kids to do their projects and homework and complete all of them on time. This has to be a friendly suggestion rather than a harsh warning. Spend your time with them together and you can slowly start their changes. Remember with great power comes great responsibility 🙂

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